Best Fortnite Hacks- Aimbot Tricks to get 25+ Kills!

Getting constantly taken out for tonight can be frustrating and make you wanna cheat in yes there are a few Best Fortnite Hacks to stack the odds in your favor should you take advantage of these unethical moves and for tonight Battle Royale. Fortnite shouldn’t make you scared like the balloon and is scared because while the guns and goodies inside the drops may be tempting. You just know that every other player’s thinking the exact same thing and that usually makes the drop end up being a bullet bad for all parties involved but it doesn’t have to be for you now this isn’t exactly morally correct but hear us out whenever the supplied balloon is falling you can head somewhere high up nearby and build over the balloon.

Simply jump down right on top of it and descend on a group of unsuspecting enemies who are probably involved in their own battle down below snipe them off one by one in the Supply Drop is all yours the man in the sky is coming for you that tip is a little bit unethical.

Free Fortnite Skins

And here’s how in a gunfight you should build the wall for cover and while hiding behind it you’re actually able to go into edit mode on that same wall and see through it you get all the protection but your site doesn’t get blocked now you can plan accordingly and make the strategic move to take your opponent down.

You should know a few basics about the initial bus jump a leading strategy is to jump out as soon as possible and nosedive to the lowest part of the map although it may be funny to see the game doesn’t let you faceplant into the ground it automatically opens your glider when you’re close this takes away sweet time so the cheat here is to nosedive over water you’ll get a lot closer it can open your glider later this might take a bit more practice than a lot of the other ones on the list but it can be an easy way to cheat the system and get the loot quicker.

AIMBOT Glitch ( For PC, XBOX One and Playstation)

So here’s the guide on how to get aimbot on Fortnite chapter 2 season 2 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC after all of the patches that epic games did it.

  • Go Ahead and make your way into the settings menu, now once you are in the settings menu you’re just gonna want to go ahead and go to controller options right over here now once you are in controller options what you’re gonna want to go ahead and do is scroll down to sensitivity and you’re gonna go to change the luck sensitivity to 2 and you’re gonna change your aim sensitivity to 2 as well then you’re gonna save it.
  • Now go ahead and do is turn on Advanced Options and just like that and then apply it now once you apply that while your gonna want to go ahead and do is go to advanced to look sensitivity and your go ahead and change the percent on this to 65% right here and then you’re gonna do it on a
    Horizontal and Vertical.
  • Now go ahead find turning vertical boost settings and you’re gonna change that to 65% as well.
  • Once you do go ahead and do that you’re gonna want to scroll all the way down to the bottom and you’re gonna go ahead and find Aim-assist strength and you’re gonna want to make that 100%.
  • Now Save all Settings.
Image Credit: ZRX789 Youtube

Now to continue with this aimbot glitch so now once you do have your settings saved you’re gonna want to go ahead and do to use this aimbot glitch most effectively is basically go and aim the gun it towards the head like as long as you’re within this range when you’re fighting people in battle royale or creative or whatever when you’re aiming you want to aim as long as you’re within like this range it’s gonna automatically lock on to the head so make sure you’re aiming within that range.

Basically, what this glitch is gonna go ahead and do whenever you go ahead and basically lock on it it’s gonna automatically lock on just like that and it’s really easy cuz even if you’re a little off it’s gonna automatically move the gun over to the head and you’ll be able to get headshot super easily as long as you’re like a little close. You’ll get it even as long as you’re not too far you it’ll automatically lock right onto the head and another thing that you’re gonna want to go ahead and do if you’re using an SMG or something that you’re gonna want to go ahead and do is basically an aim and let go like aim and let go just like that so it keeps on refocusing on to the head and it.

Basically what’s this gonna happen is it’s just gonna stay locked on to the head and you could just keep on getting infinite headshots as long as you’re somewhat decently close yeah guys it’s a really good aim you should go definitely go and put your settings this isn’t practiced with it because it’s really useful it could help you get a lot of wind super easily and get some easy kills in Fortnite.