Fortnite Season 3 Leaks and Rumours! Aquaman is Coming!

An epic flood dynamic weather systems, character voice lines, and the return of the SEVEN let’s talk about Fortnite Season 3. The best part of the season as the event approaches and the leaks and rumors begin to land about the new season but before we break down everything we have a tradition to keep, every season there’s a comedy skin in the battle pass we’ve had a tomato headed vampire under James Bond banana.

Fortnite Season 3 Leaks and Insane Theories

Let’s start with what we think we know I’m sure you’ve heard the flood theory by now over the last few weeks. The storm circles, the clouds in the sky and the rivers have been acting rather strangely and on top of that the return of the “no sweat insurance company” which specializes in protecting against natural disasters. By throwing these two theories together we come to the conclusion a flood theme is inevitable for Season 3. And yeah Sony have even accidentally leaked the icon for the new season definitely a flood.

And fortnight also has a habit of foreshadowing future content in live events. During the Travis Scott concert, we all swam around letting epic test their new mechanics on an audience who didn’t know what was going on. How do we breathe underwater, at present we drown but let’s just put a pin in that for the time being. Basically it’s hard to refute a flood is coming but let’s add to this remember a few seasons ago we suggested elemental effects would come to butter Royale in season 8 fire ice that kind of thing well I was sorta right a volcano destroyed structures which is fire damage. Well now in season 3 of chapter two this premonition is gaining traction.

A mysterious leaker reached out to a YouTuber suggesting that fire damage is not only back but it’s dynamic and environmental. Meaning everywhere a fire starts it will continue spreading until the entire building or structure is ablaze what a change that could be. Yet again this is being tested in-game at the petrol and gas stations. And once again this was in Travis Scott’s event hiding in plain sight with fireballs and burning rollercoasters other things that could return with this fire damage is the LTM the floor is lava. The elemental damage effects and link that with the weather machine we’re expecting Midas to reveal at the agency and I think we have one of the greatest rumors and potential leaks ever. Instead of us being responsible for burning down structures nature could do this. We already have lightning bolts in game do you remember how Kevin the cube began life could we see lightning hit trees or buildings and caused them to burn. From what I’ve witnessed epic and mimicking what made them so successful in chapter 1. For example, there wasn’t a live event in the first season, and in season 3 meteors began to fall and impact battles. Suddenly lightning strikes causing fire doesn’t seem so far-fetched and heck yes I’m going to continue with this I think we will see dynamic weather changes in fortnight. We already have a structured day/night cycle in game but not dynamic weather. Could Midas’s device change everything we know and spark freak weather affects the idea of everything being flooded is quite entertaining but honestly would you want that for four months.

Lightning bolts could return but look at the rivers in game right now the water levels rise and then quickly lower again this could be the same for the flood. For example, in one game the water could be extremely deep and then in another, it could be a drought all the water could have dry up the next game it may be raining with those bolts of lightning and the damage they caused in the next game the weather could be so hot our builds burned down in 30 seconds. So there is so much potential to create LTMS around the weather.

And it looks like I’m not the only person to notice this. Reddit user William Bosch made mock-up images of all the elemental weather changes that could impact the island some of these are brilliant even as an LTM or in the BR mode. Rain and fog to change visibility and sound lightning which destroys everything on a tile kinda like the burning effects but more instantaneous, a storm tornado which completely destroys a POI eye and the sandstorm which again has been hinted at in previous updates and currently can be found in save the world think of all the things that this could bring back to. Remember the tacos falling from the sky in season X all the stars up at the suburbs so much potential.

The event this weekend intriguingly named the device I decided to research if those words had been used in the game before and found this

“I didn’t factor is that the only way to trigger the device was from within the loop itself”

Back in season X the visitor’s recordings told us about a device before back then the device was something used by the seven remember them the intergalactic group who broke us away from the singularity loop in Chapter one could the device in Chapter two be the return of the seven could – be one of the seven hence why he doesn’t divulge his plan or a better theory could the engineer the girl in the photograph be one of the seven. So far this chapter only a single woodcarving has told us about the identity of the seven and only three have been revealed thus far we’ll know more once the device is activated.

The visitor directly tells us that characters have been muted up to this point whereas in Chapter 2 some characters can speak. This would make battle passes completely unmissable to unlock new voice lines for your favorite characters. As many people are guessing the chances of an Aquaman crossover are pretty strong. And many people are suggesting sharks will be a new vehicle in the new season.

The thing I’m struggling to understand is how can we swim underwater and stay alive, have you tried. If we stay submerged too long we pop our clogs well gaming history has taught us that bubbles could be a way to survive underwater and with the leakers proclaiming Aquaman is coming what about a mermaid ability or a male one. A perfect middle ground between swimming with your legs and riding a shark. Another thing coming from the tabor hill leaks are the quick-change booth staying in the game for skin changes. What if these gave us a scuba gear for underwater shenanigans it would keep the mechanics relatively based in real life.

At tier 19 the image shows rain and lightning backing up our theory about dynamic weather changes, at tier 41 a rainbow can be seen foreshadowing the
phenomenon when certain weather patterns change rapidly and that tier 65 we see fire damage has burnt down the farmland this could be via the event on Saturday or this could show how environmental flames will work. At tier 27 the circular clouds appearing above the agency can be seen and that tier 73 there’s a scuba diver foreshadowing our ability to swim underwater all the clues were here from day one.

The new season leaks have also confirmed new weapons like a rocket to take out those choppers, it’s also not worthy that the remote-controlled rocket is once again on the table other weapons hinted at include the flare gun do you remember seeing that a few seasons back and many have suggested that this damage could be a result of that flare gun.

Here are a few things we should remember in the water around the current map, for example, Truckasaurus remains in the sea he hasn’t moved since the first day of chapter 2. There’s an upturned boat in the shallow water around the island and there are lots of these underwater faces to discover. Do you remember when this happened in the final battle the Polar Peak monster ripped off the mech’s arm and spat it into the sea. If we’re going underwater in chapter 3 let’s try and find where this relic of yesteryear is hopefully it came through the black hole with us.

It’s safe to say him for customization is coming too far tonight and I’ll play a choice to deciding what pants to the island the strongest choice right now is to let us customize our own umbrellas. Remember back when apex legends arrived and epic were quick to add reboot vans to fortnight and the tagging system. The main thing I wanted to note though was that warzone has a really cool mechanic called the Gulag (I’m sure you’ve seen all the memes about it) could we see fortnight add this to their game after being eliminated in the game you take part in a one-on-one competition for the chance to redeploy into the match. It is pretty fun but epic could change this, for example, they could make it a race to a rift whoever gets there first survives whoever doesn’t is out of the game they could be minigames just little things to change the flow of the game and make being eliminated a little less stressful.

It is safe to say fortnight is here to stay every competitor has fallen away over the last three years and fortnight aren’t resting on their laurels the party royale mode came out it’s a great inclusion and hopefully, next season save the world will once again get its story content which ties in everything that happens on battle royale Island.