How much does Fortnite earns! How do they make money?

With every season’s introduction on Fortnite, attracts to find out exactly what the Battle Royale match has in store for them. This time around, its own Chapter 2 Season 3 that is loved by lovers of the sport was introduced by Fortnite. Considering that the sport is accessible to install and play out of Epic Games lovers wonder if and how Fortnite generates any revenue. Read below to learn the Battle Royale game from Epic Games cashes in – game

Fortnite was released back in 2017, the match had celebrated 1 million gamers. As noticed in the game streaming fad on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch the sport is now a worldwide phenomenon that’s appreciated by players belonging to different age classes. According to reports, until 2019, the match had attracted $1.8 billion in earnings, which makes it the highest-earning match of 2019. Though this amount is lower than that which Fortnite earned 2018 ($2.4 billion), it’s still nearly $200 million over the closest competition given by Nexon’s Dungeon Fighter Online. As of 2020, Fortnite franchise is estimated to be worth $ 2 billion, the figure is possible to grow with the season’s introduction.

The earnings may have dipped from 2018 but is expected to create a comeback that was more powerful . Whereas, 2020 is predicted to be among the greatest years for premium and online matches with $19.8 billion earnings currently generated complete under the initial six months of this year.

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