How to change your Fortnite Name on PS4, Xbox One, PC & Mobile!

Your Epic Games Fortnite screen name is the title that looks for your accounts from the Epic Games launcher, our official forum AnswerHub. The Fortnite name is a unique name that has all your gaming profile related information. And this name is also the one that is displayed to all other players in the game. It is not that hard to alter the moniker if you take them down, that gamers see. To kick things off, then you’re likely to have to go into the Epic Games site and get your account information.

For this, you’ll require an Epic Games account. You probably already have one in the event that you’ve played Fortnite even once. But if you do not, be certain that you connect the account using the platform that you use to play Fortnite: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, etc.

The Fortnite Gamertag is important and you may just change it once every Fourteen days.

Steps to Change your Fortnite name:

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  • Visit the website
  • Sign in with your credentials (Registered Email and Password)
  • Hover your mouse over your username which is found at the top right corner of the website
  • Click on it then Click on account (If you do it correctly till here then you will be redirected to a new page)
  • On the new page, make sure your click on the personal info tab
  • Scroll down a bit till you see a box with your current username in it
  • You can change your username over here
  • Retype your new username in the red box below
  • Check the box saying ‘I understand I cannot change my display name again for 2 weeks after this change’
  • Hit confirm. And its DONE.
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Epic Games Name Change

And this is how to change the Fortnite Name. But remember you can change the name only once in two weeks. Also, Keep in mind that there are a number of limits to changing your title. The major one is that your screen name can change after. You are going to be stuck using whatever name you select for fourteen days When there are unlimited changes readily available. These Fortnite Name changes are free to perform, and that means that you won’t need to spend V-Bucks or any cash to achieve that. Don’t hesitate to change this up if you are uncomfortable with your ID.

Change your Fortnite name on PC and mobile

You have to think of a fresh Epic Games screen name to modify your own Fortnite title on PC, gaming consoles, or mobile. Thus, to alter your Fortnite title on PC and Mobile (Android, iOS):

  • Visit the Epic Games site and log into your account.
  • As soon as you’ve completed that, you have to then drop by your Account’s Info page.
  • Here you’ll discover a box with your existing Fornite Username.
  • Just delete the title that currently exists and enter in the new name you want to own in Fortnite.
  • Do not forget to click on Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Know in advance which your Epic Games screen name could alter after.

How to change your Fortnite name on Xbox One

You have to find a distinct Gamertag to modify your own Fortnite title on Xbox One. Unfortunately, very similar to PS4 gamers, Xbox One loyalists might want to devote a little bit of cash to modify their own Fortnite title on Microsoft’s console. That being said, just follow the below steps If You Want to Be Given a Gamertag that is distinct. Just type your personal Gamertag or select one of the proposed under “Pick Your New Gamertag” select the name and click on Verify to save your changes.

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How to change your Fortnite name on PS4

You’ll have to modify your own Play Station Username to modify your own Fortnite title on PS4. Unfortunately, you do not have the ability to modify your own Fortnite title on the PS4 for free in case you’ve changed your Playstation username previously. Provided about spending a little money, you are eligible for the change. Follow the below steps:

  • Press the Xbox button
  • Go to Settings
  • Select My Profile and Customise Profile
  • Type your desired Gamertag or choose one of the suggested underneath “Choose Your New Gamertag”
  • Select the option and Confirm the changes

How to change your name in Nintendo switch? 

Have you picked up a bad name or just want to refresh your Fortnite profile by giving it a new name? If you said yes, then do follow this post till the end, as here we are going to have a look at the steps to change the name in the Nintendo switch. 

Here is the list of steps with the help of which you would be able to change the name in Nintendo Switch: 

  1. In the first step, you need to sign in your Fortnite account from Nintendo Switch. 
  2. Once you have successfully signed in to your account, then you need to click on your Fortnite name from the right side of your screen. 
  3. Then select the Public Profile option. With the help of which you would be able to have a look at the Public name of your Fortnite profile. 
  4. Under that section, you can change your Fortnite name for Nintendo Switch easily.

Make sure to save the changes after putting a new name for your Fortnite account.

Limitations to change your Fortnite Name

Changing your Fortnite Name is an important and significant change and Epic Games has laid down some limitations to this process.

The main one is that you can only change your display name once every two weeks.

Although Epic allows unlimited changes to these Fortnite Names, it’s just that it’s allowed only once in two weeks. This is done to not allow players to exploit this possibility. Also, the Fortnite Name changing process is completely free and you don’t need to spend any of your precious V-Bucks to get this done. So Enjoy and have a look at some of these Fortnite Names to choose from.

Change an Epic Games Fortnite Name without verification

This is also what some players want to make it happen to steal someone else’s Fortnite Name, but this is a BIG NO! and Epic Games does not allow this. And this is done to protect the existing users for scammers to steal their identity. So yeah, changing an Epic Games Fortnite Name as well as Email without verification is not possible at all.