How To Play Fortnite On Your Google Chromebook (All Variants)

There’s no denying fact that Fortnite is probably the greatest battle royale game today and nowadays, a considerable amount of users specially students now have a Chromebook, maybe through school. Here’s the most ideal approach to play Fortnite on your Chromebook. 

The ChromeOS as a unified OS has struggled a lot in the past and is still struggling to evolve as a mainstream OS. But many colleges and schools distribute these Chromebooks to their students as the machine is quite capable enough to run basic apps that can help in education. Although gaming is also necessary and Fortnite being one of the greatest and most popular battle royal games of all time, here’s how to modify a few settings on your Chromebook and make Fortnite work on your Chromebook.  Here’s a complete guide on How to Play Fortnite On Google Chromebook.

Method 1: Play Fortnite using Nvidia Geforce Now

Step 1: Sign up to Nvidia Geforce Now and click on Join Now. And select the plan to choose from. The Free plan offers one hour of streaming.

Step 2: Noe click on Join under the plan that you choose and click on the on-screen instructions to continue.

Step 3: Now sign in using the credentials that you just created

Step 4: Now download Fortnite from Epic Games Store and sign in to your epic games account.

Step 5: Now go back to the GeForce Now page and search for Fortnite. Add this game to your Library and when that is done, hit the Play Button.

Step 6: Now click on Continue and login with the Nvidia credentials.

Use the following steps to play Fortnite on your google chrome.

Methos 2: Sideload Fortnite on your Chromebook

In this guide, we would sideload an APK in our Chrome OS. As a matter of course, Chromebook OS by default does not allow introducing third party applications other than those accessible in Google Play Store. It’s imperative to take note of that enabling Developer mode on your Chromebook is not recommended for general users and is only meant for advanced users.

Step 1: Enable developer mode on Chromebook

Follow the means summed up beneath to empower Developer Mode on your Chromebook. Kindly observe our definite guide here. 

  • Switch off your Chromebook. 
  • Boot your Chromebook into Developer mode by holding the “Esc” and “Refresh Key” while pressing the power button. 
  • You will see an error message on the screen, and you can ignore this error. Now, Press the hold Ctrl + D and then press enter. 
  • Sit tight for several minutes, and your Chromebook will boot into developer mode.

Step 2: Prepare your Chromebook for Fortnite (Enable Installation from Unknow sources)

1. We have to open the Settings menu and select Google Play Store.

2. Now Select Manage Android Preferences and then select Security.

3. Check on the Unknown Sources Toggle.

Step 3: Start Downloading Fortnite

1. Visit Fortnite’s official website on your Android device and download the APK for Fortnite Mobile.

2. Now move this APK to your Chromebook using a USB cable, Bluetooth or email.

4. When you have the ‘Epic Games APK’ on your Chromebook, double tap on it to install it on the device. 

5. You will see a warning concerning security issues related to the installation of the APK. Click the ‘Proceed’ to install the application.

Now Fortnite has been successfully installed on the device and you can enjoy playing Fortnite on your Chromebook and enjoy the experience. So this was our guide on How to Play Fortnite On Google Chromebook.

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