Is Fortnite shutting down in 2020- The End of Fortnite?

Fortnite is one of the most popular games that are being played by millions of people from all around the world. Moreover, with the change in time, we can notice several additions in the game that makes it better than others. This game was launched in 2017, and within a year of its launch, the game was able to fetch more than 78 million players. 

Although it is said that every game has a specific time period, which is considered to be its golden period, but in the case of Fortnite, the game has been winning hearts from the time it’s online. 

While having a look at recent stats of Fortnite, there are few questions in the mind of its users, and that is, “Is Fortnite dying?” In case if you are one of those people, then do follow this post till the end, as here we are going to have a look at various factors related to Fortnite that will let you know if Fortnite is dying or not. 

Is Fortnite dying? 

If you are trying to figure out is Fortnite dying, then the actual answer is yes because, from a noticeable time, we can find out a massive decrease in the active users of this game. 

Not you all must be thinking about the reason behind this decrease inactive users of Fortnite, here are some of them: 

  • Media plays an important role: 

The first and most important reason behind this decrease inactive users is that most of them shifted to some other epic game just because of media posts and overexposure. 

You must have noticed that most of the people out there compare Fortnite with PUBG. Although if we have a look at both the games, then we would be able to find out that there are numerous differences between these games. But still, people compare them, and that’s why some active users of Fortnite shifted to PUBG and other such games. 

  • Testings: 

The next thing that became the reason behind the decrease in its active users is testing and adding new things to the game. If you are a Fortnite player, then you will agree to use that; the game developers always try to bring something new in the game which no other epic game development company might have ever done. 

But sometimes the players do not like those ideas and additions. Hence they start neglecting the game after that particular update and move to some other such gaming option. 

  • A lot of competitors: 

Although it is a fact that those who are the actual fans of Fortnite will play this game only and never ever think of moving to another one. But still, if we move out online, then we would be able to notice that there are a lot of competitors who are offering the same kind of gaming experience as Fortnite does. 

Hence this is also a reason Fortnite is dying, and most of its active users are moving to check out other games. 

Although by having a look at such factors, we can say that Fortnite is dying, in the future, who knows that this game will get it one of the best updates and attract all its traffic back.

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