25 Simple Tips & Tricks for Fortnite Battle Royale- You Probably Forgot About!

There are secret tricks or hacks that Fortnite Pros don’t tell anyone that gives them a huge advantage over everybody else. All the boring building tips we tried to avoid and instead we have found hidden things like using your proximity mines as frisbees when you’re in a pinch. It’s time as fortnight noobs fight back against twitch TV kids by using these Fortnite Tips and Tricks that we compiled that’ll help you mop up all the sweats. These are 15 tips all Fortnite players should know:

Trick 1: The Killer Boat

So there’s a pretty crazy strategy that I’m surprised no one has put a spotlight on until now and it involves the boats which have been around since the beginning of the chapter. If you head on over to the shark peel Y on the map you’ll find sky one of the many bosses in season 2 defeat sky and she’ll
drop a mythic assault rifle and the grappler pick up the grappler now go find a bow we all know that boats are pretty terrible on land. But with your newfound grappler, you can stand on the back of the boat as your teammate drives and grab it yourself around the map look how stupid this gets oh good people, in my opinion, it works best during the endgame of a match where you could just spam the boats boost and grapple around to destroy everyone’s builds just a really disgusting combo.

Trick 2: Supply Drop Strategy

Supply drops contain the best loot in the game but because of how slow they fall and you know the visible markers on the map, it’s pretty dangerous to chase them. That is until choppers came out to save yourself the chance of getting third-party by just using the blades of the chopper to deal damage to the balloon holding the Supply Drop you’ll destroy it pretty quickly and of course you could land and then you pick up the loot now obviously it does deal
Damage to the chopper so make sure you aren’t using this tip when on low health.

Trick 3: Heal Helicopter

Go ahead and find yourself a campfire and fly your chopper down directly on top of it all you got to do is activate the campfire and boom chopper will start healing. It’s a really good strategy overall especially if you’re just planning on getting those super easy supply drops to get the best loot in the game just watch out considering you can’t redeploy when you jump out.

Trick 4: Loot Lama Strategy

An icon in the top 5 gaming family is Fred our beloved loot Lama they got removed for a little bit but they’re back and here’s a tip I barely see anyone showing. You ever loot a llama and the loot slides all the way down a hill or a mountain or anything stupid like that don’t be dumb instead start standing on top of the llama so the moment you looted you immediately drop down on top of all the loot and it just picks it up all in one swoop Fred also doesn’t mind you standing on them so don’t worry I already asked permission.

Trick 5: Proximity Mine Tips

There are a handful of ways to use proximity mines that you probably didn’t know and every single day creative players find new ways of hiding the mines one of my personal favorite strategies for anyone who wants an easy elimination with the things is something we like to call a launch pad surprise. If you throw proximity mines underneath the launch pad you’ll be able to set up a pretty clever trap for an enemy who takes the bait. Obviously a launchpad in the open who ignores that so you can get some easy eliminations here without even putting the effort in or you could be a massive troll.

The trick works best in duo’s or squads because it takes a second for the mind to detonate so you have more luck picking off a team with this then rather a single-player and even if you want lucky enough to eliminate someone with the trick you could easily split up an entire squad by stopping half the team from using the launch pad so it could really mess with someone’s day if you want another cool way to use your proximity mind there’s an extremely hidden trick.

Trick 6: RPG Grappler Trick

One thing that’s kind of sucked since Chapter two started has been trick shots but with the addition of the graph flare finally, things are getting good here’s a tip for players that want to either rotate really quickly or want to use it for some sick trick shots basically just shoot a rocket and then use it to grapple that’s pretty much it you can actually pull off some insane tricks with it and it might be really helpful when trying to rush people I mean grappling with a rocket you’ll definitely take a lot of people by surprise especially when you’re trying to push them.

Trick 7: Port-a-potty trick

So besides supply drops having the best loot everybody in there grandma knows that vaults are other spots to get looted insanely quickly. Here’s the thing some vaults have porta-potties inside of them from one-fortnight pro-gamer to another use them they are so clutch. A lot of people will open vaults loot them and then just walk back out which sorry to rain on your parade if you’re a vault camper. But vault campers are a real thing and when you walk back out you’re just asking to get gunned down and trust me this helps a lot.

Trick 8: Best way to rank up fast

What kind of advice will be given out if we didn’t help you guys get XP as fast as possible in season two there’s a trick out there which will let you join fortnight lobbies full of bots and we don’t mean bad players I actually mean BOTS now for this to work you have to create a second fortnight account and when you’ve done this you can go on your phone join your main account with your second in the lobby make sure you’re a level one account is the host and join a match when you join that mash you’re gonna be in a lobby entirely full of bots but the XP is gonna be the same leave the match on your second account and then you can just keep on using it as long as it doesn’t gain any levels this is especially helpful with the new Oro skin challenges so make sure you take advantage of this it speeds up the process.

More Tricks are in Progress…