Top 20+ Fortnite Skin Names of all Time

What is the point in getting a Victory Royale in case you do not have that Fancy Fortnite Skin makeup you want to appear fantastic and ridiculous to your finale? This is why you will find heaps of Fortnite skins that will assist you to stick out varying in rarity to gaudy and garish legendaries from uncommon.

This listing comprises the cream of those Fortnite skins harvest which were available for sale in Founders Packs, Twitch Prime loot, Starter packs, or even the online store, or through Fight Pass challenges. However, how do you dig on your locker every Fortnite skin that will assist you stand out? Since the Fortnite item store supplies a choice of skins at any time that is certain, it will help to understand which ones are well worth ripping up whenever they return into spinning.

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Here are some of the best Fortnite Skin Names:

Cuddle Team Leader (outfit)

The Cuddle Team Leader Outfit is a pink outfit having a heart detail. The outfit offers pink gloves and a bear mind mask. Can Be Purchased from Money Shop with 2.000 V-Bucks. The Cuddle Team Leader ensemble is a pink ensemble in Fortnite Battle Royale and is Part of this Royale Hearts Set.

Skull Trooper Outfit

The Skull Trooper outfit includes a suite costume that is black with a skeleton. The ensemble is made complete. The ensemble was introduced as a member of this Fortnitemares Update. This ensemble is the man version of the outfit named Skull Ranger.

Raven Outfit

The queen is a trendy leather outfit having particulars that are ragged that resembles that of a raven. Why is this outfit favorite is that the hood which covers the whole face in luminous eyes along with darkness. The outfit includes the ghostly iron cage back as a bling that is mythical. Raven is one of the most popular outfits to the sport Fortnite Battle Royale. This outfit is part of this Nevermore set.

Fortnite default skin names


Crackshot is a red outfit together with a toy soldier’s mind — which makes it a bit creepy. This outfit is outfit at the sport and taller than other characters. The crown isn’t regarded as a hit-marker and doesn’t count as a human body part.

Wild Card Outfit

The Card includes a man avatar sporting an tuxedo suit. The avatar offers a mask which may be customized to represent the ace of diamonds cards like the ace of clubs, and much more. The ensemble is customizable using four card match masks that are distinct.

Raptor Skin

The Raptor Outfit is. The skin comes with gloves and a leather coat and mask.

Crimson Scout Outfit

The Crimson Scout is an outfit which comes with trousers that are dark and a vest. The ensemble is made full a scarf, and gloves, and by leather straps.

Special Forces

The Special Forces is a outfit which has a army that is fashionable beret. The ensemble includes an sleeveless suit with gloves, boots, and a dark blouse. The Special Forces is the title of one.

Brite Bomber Outfit

This outfit that is floral and bright might seem fairly basic compared to some but you would be amazed by how popular it’s among players, particularly the younger gamers. This is a Halloween costume for children, the pink hair and unicorn aesthetic is. It is a good Fortnite epidermis for anybody who wants something fresh to improve their own collection because it is often available through the product store for 1,200 V-Bucks.

Ace Fortnite Skin

The Ace Fortnite epidermis is among the very best around in the event that you’re seeking to play with a strong but gorgeous personality. Identical to a cross between Wildcard (also on this record ) plus also a modern Little Red Riding Hood, the Ace epidermis will probably be familiar to anybody who has checked our weekly battle guides previously. Originally introduced as a member of this year 5 High heeled event in the battle royale, this epic poem costume was only available within this next starter package. It is available for purchase.

Legendry Fortnite default skin names